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Grownup backpacking holidays

I might be older these days, but I still love backpacking. I'm not the only one - I've noticed that hostels aren't calling them youth hostels and have been calling them backpacking hostels instead. I like being able to meet people at the hostel. Some of the best experiences I've had when travelling have been meeting people just like me and going off on crazy unexpected adventures in new cities. Growing up doesn't need to mean getting boring. If you are a bit older these days but still like to stay in dormitories and have backpacking holidays, you are going to love my site.

Travelling on Work? Look For These 4 Vital Business Accommodation Features

When you travel on work, you're probably always working on deadlines and planning meetings, so you'll want to find business accommodation that can meet all your needs comprehensively. Business accommodation must be able to match your work experience, so you don't lag behind in delivery. So when traveling for work, look out for these vital business accommodation features and choose wisely. 

Complimentary Wi-Fi

If you're going through meetings all day meeting local people, then you probably don't have time to access the Internet during the day. So the evenings at your hotel room are spent responding to important work emails and planning schedules for subsequent days. Since the Internet is so vital to your business trip, you certainly don't want to pay for so much usage. Ideally, all business-friendly hotels should offer free Wi-Fi, but unfortunately many hotels still charge for using the net. Find business accommodation that offers complimentary Wi-Fi in your room − this is a non-negotiable feature when you're shopping around. 

A Myriad of Electric Sockets

Business accommodation is meant for just that − business. This also means that you're carrying your laptop, mobiles, tablets and even a camera − all of which need regular charging. So you'll want a room with multiple electric sockets around the room − near the desk, near the bed and near the doorway. Good business accommodation will ensure that there are several electric sockets around the room. Many business hotels also offer electrical adapters for guests that arrive from outside the country and have different socket inputs. These hotels understand the needs of business travellers − choose them.

A Well-Appointed Business Centre

Business accommodation should always be armed with a well-appointed business centre that includes fax machines, printers, copying machines, computers and conference phones. Remember you're in the hotel for business, so chances are you'll need access to these work-related items at some point. You certainly don't want to have to find a nearby printing store in a strange country, do you? It's exceptionally convenient when business accommodation provides this service. Good business accommodation also appoints staff to troubleshoot in case of any technical glitches.

Free Local Calls

It's almost a crime for business accommodation to charge for local calls when guests are more than likely to make calls to offices and colleagues when travelling on work. Look for business accommodation that provides free local calls, so that you can stay in touch with your local teams without having to worry about exorbitant international calling rates on your mobile. While most people use their cell phones these days, it's still a vital factor for business travellers that need to use a local phone and don't have mobile network access.

Choosing the right business accommodation will ensure that your work-related trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you are staying in Gunnedah on business, then consider looking into a hotel like Gunnedah Lodge Motel.