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Grownup backpacking holidays

I might be older these days, but I still love backpacking. I'm not the only one - I've noticed that hostels aren't calling them youth hostels and have been calling them backpacking hostels instead. I like being able to meet people at the hostel. Some of the best experiences I've had when travelling have been meeting people just like me and going off on crazy unexpected adventures in new cities. Growing up doesn't need to mean getting boring. If you are a bit older these days but still like to stay in dormitories and have backpacking holidays, you are going to love my site.

Often Overlooked Tips for Saving Money on Vacation Accommodations

Hotels and motels can be very expensive when you travel, but too often, travelers overlook some simple ways to save money on this cost. They may not realize the best way to book in order to save money, or they may not take enough time to plan their booking in advance or compare ways to save. Before you make another hotel reservation, note the following.

1. Check a hotel's website before booking

There are probably dozens of online sites that offer to compare prices of different rooms and make it easy for you to find the most affordable hotel in town, but before you use them to reserve a room, check the hotel's website. Sometimes they will have reduced prices on their own site or will offer special savings and discounts that booking sites won't include. Remember that it doesn't hurt to at least check their website for discounted rooms or cheaper dates for travel before making a reservation.

2. Be sure you compare all costs before booking

The price of the room itself is usually not the only cost you'll face when booking a room; some hotels charge for parking as well. Some may also offer a continental breakfast, while others don't. 

Before you book, add up all the costs and what a certain hotel might save you versus another. That hotel with the free parking and continental breakfast may be just slightly more expensive than another hotel, but if you were to pay for your own breakfast and parking at the second hotel, which would really be cheaper? A hotel with a shuttle service to the airport can also mean saving on the cost of a taxi or car rental. Be sure you consider all these costs before booking.

3. Check online and the front desk before extending your stay

If you want to extend your stay at a hotel like Bed & Breakfast Brisbane Kirkland House B&B, check with the front desk and their online site before deciding on how to do that. If you extend online, you may need to make a new booking and may incur certain fees and added charges in addition to the daily rate. If you extend at the front desk, they may only tack on the extra days to your stay without additional booking fees and other charges. Check their online site first and note the cost for extending, then talk to the front desk. You'll be able to more easily compare the cheaper option for extending that way.