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Grownup backpacking holidays

I might be older these days, but I still love backpacking. I'm not the only one - I've noticed that hostels aren't calling them youth hostels and have been calling them backpacking hostels instead. I like being able to meet people at the hostel. Some of the best experiences I've had when travelling have been meeting people just like me and going off on crazy unexpected adventures in new cities. Growing up doesn't need to mean getting boring. If you are a bit older these days but still like to stay in dormitories and have backpacking holidays, you are going to love my site.

Tips on preparing your caravan for an extended stay at a caravan park

One of the best ways of becoming closer as a family is to go on an extended family trip to a caravan park like Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty Ltd. As the family will be in close quarters with one another, they will be able to spend more time together and get away from the modern demands of technology that take up so much of people's time.

There are a number of ways in which you can make the trip run as smoothly as possible by ensuring that you have all of the relevant equipment at the ready when needed. You should be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions and lack of facilities. Here is some advice to be adequately prepared when embarking on a family caravan trip.

Preparing the caravan for the holiday

After not being used for an extended period of time, caravans will need to be checked and serviced for all of the usual issues such as oil and water supplies. When you arrive at the caravan park, you should ensure that the breakaway cable is not too long and trailing on the ground as a result. This could cause problems such as wear as well as potentially getting caught up in some sort of device. It should be secured (not too tightly) using a plastic tie, which will keep it safe while still being able to move freely.

Always create a checklist to ensure that you have everything that you need. While most caravan parks have great facilities, they will not cater for all of your specific needs and there may not be anywhere nearby that you can purchase forgotten supplies. Always make sure that you have enough entertainment such as board games and sports equipment to keep the family from becoming bored.

Gas levels

You should always ensure that the gas levels are satisfactory as you don't want to lack the required energy for appliances such as the cooker. The more modern gas cylinders will have gauges on them showing you exactly how much gas is left in them. If you have the older versions, on the cylinder you will find what weight the container is when there is no gas left. Therefore, you can simply weigh the cylinder to see if it is empty or not.

If you don't have access to weighing scales, don't despair. A simple trick will help you to determine the gas level. Simply pour some hot water down the side of the cylinder. Using your finger, identify where exactly on the cylinder that is cooler: this is where there is gas.