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Grownup backpacking holidays

I might be older these days, but I still love backpacking. I'm not the only one - I've noticed that hostels aren't calling them youth hostels and have been calling them backpacking hostels instead. I like being able to meet people at the hostel. Some of the best experiences I've had when travelling have been meeting people just like me and going off on crazy unexpected adventures in new cities. Growing up doesn't need to mean getting boring. If you are a bit older these days but still like to stay in dormitories and have backpacking holidays, you are going to love my site.

Tips on preparing your caravan for an extended stay at a caravan park

One of the best ways of becoming closer as a family is to go on an extended family trip to a caravan park like Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty Ltd. As the family will be in close quarters with one another, they will be able to spend more time together and get away from the modern demands of technology that take up so much of people's time. There are a number of ways in which you can make the trip run as smoothly as possible by ensuring that you have all of the relevant equipment at the ready when needed. Read More 

How to have an epic workout in your hotel room

When you are on the road for business travel it is very important to look after your health in between calls with clients and remote web conferencing. But not all hotels have an on-site gym. If your employer has booked you into a hotel without a gym, the good news is that you can still have an epic workout without any fancy gym equipment. You can complete all of these exercises with only the items that you'll find in every standard hotel room. Read More 

Often Overlooked Tips for Saving Money on Vacation Accommodations

Hotels and motels can be very expensive when you travel, but too often, travelers overlook some simple ways to save money on this cost. They may not realize the best way to book in order to save money, or they may not take enough time to plan their booking in advance or compare ways to save. Before you make another hotel reservation, note the following. 1. Check a hotel's website before booking Read More 

Travelling on Work? Look For These 4 Vital Business Accommodation Features

When you travel on work, you're probably always working on deadlines and planning meetings, so you'll want to find business accommodation that can meet all your needs comprehensively. Business accommodation must be able to match your work experience, so you don't lag behind in delivery. So when traveling for work, look out for these vital business accommodation features and choose wisely.  Complimentary Wi-Fi If you're going through meetings all day meeting local people, then you probably don't have time to access the Internet during the day. Read More 

Budget Traveller: 3 Ingenious Tricks for Sniffing Out the Best Travel Bargains

Travelling on a budget doesn't always means that you have to give up quality accommodation or rely on hitchhiking to take you from one place to the next. Savvy budget travellers know how to stretch their travel dollars by finding excellent bargains on travel-related expenses without having to compromise on comfort and sightseeing. Planning in advance usually gives you the advantage when booking a vacation, because you're likely to find cheaper deals that booking at the last minute. Read More